I’m Getting A Rice Cooker

My life has become quite hectic since I started my new job. This means I don’t have much time left, especially not cooking. I started eating out, but that turned out to be quite expensive. Thus, I have had to find an easy and quick meal to cook. Then, it’s no wonder rice has become my new favorite meal. It’s nutritious and is edible with almost anything, plus, there are so many different ways of cooking it. Having come to this conclusion, all I had to do was purchase a decent rice cooker. The best rice cookers today have so many additional features, it’s unbelievable. There are so many options it took quite a long time to get the best rice cooker for me. There were two types of cookers in the market, the conventional cookers and fuzzy logic cookers. I narrowed my search to a medium sized cooker which had the “quick-cooking” option, naturally that was my first consideration. Other options available were, “hard” and “soft”.


Cooking white rice in either cooker would be no problem; however brown rice was more difficult to cook. Thereby, making the intelligent cooker decision came easily. There are able to make automatic decisions while the rice is actually cooking. This is done by humidity and temperature sensors that measure and send information to an inbuilt microprocessor that makes changes that allow for the best cooked rice.

Different types of rice have different pre-programmed settings. There are processes that go into cooking each batch of rice i.e. soaking, cooking, steaming and lastly keeping the rice warm. The different types of rice require a different duration for each of the processes. There are many other settings available. You have to first consider what type of rice you intend to cook. A greater number of options doesn’t necessarily mean the better rice cooker. One just has to choose the best rice cooker for him/herself.

Aroma rice cookers are worth the money

aroma rice cooker

Being traditional in outlook, I was not willing for rice cookers other than Panasonic and Zojirushi. For me rice cooker had to be white with decent circumference. But when my previous rice cooker started throwing tantrums I had little choice but to buy one. Internet gives access to so much information these days. My husband is always open to the idea of other players. He feels we should give a chance to new entrepreneurs, and I feel that not at our expense. Aroma rice cooker won over Panasonic and Zojirushi because it is my husband who has the final word in our home.

I remember him calling me from kitchen and asking me to sit beside him while he read out those Aroma rice cooker reviews one by one. He was reading out features, and emphasizing them like a salesperson, and I had this mental block, which made me refuse them. However, I never said anything because there simply is no use in telling anything against his wishes. I just wanted to get it over and done with.

He ordered an Aroma rice cooker, and we never went to the shop. He read through those pamphlets because he possibly sensed my reluctance. He then cooked rice for us a couple of days. He is helpful by nature though unwilling to be democratic in his attitude. I concede that the Aroma rice cooker looks good with its stainless steel and black colored outer unit. I also concede that the rice cooked in the Aroma rice cooker is certainly better than what we were getting from the previous models. Even the pots are easily removable and washable in dish washer. Because the pot is non-stick, there is nothing that attaches itself to bottom, even after leaving the food in it for long time. I have used it for steaming fish, and thawing meat. I have also made soups in it, and used the saute functions. The Aroma rice cooker is doing all those jobs to my satisfaction almost as if a new robot is in my home desperate to please me.

But there are a few things I am unhappy about. The electronic menu should have been on top. As things stand, I have to bend down slightly for looking at the menu. I am also not happy about the round shape. It occupies and wastes a lot of my kitchen counter top space. But for all other reasons, I have little to complain about, especially since it did not cost me a fortune to buy this electric rice cooker.

Why You Also Need A Modern Rice Cooker In Your Kitchen


For years, I have ever liked cooking rice; I really can’t tell the reason why, but it could be because I found the whole process tedious and time consuming. The traditional cooking methods we used to make rice made the whole process even worse. I always watched my mom try to make the best rice with no success. However, that was soon to change after my mom bought the best rice cooker. It all started after one of the family friends came to our place for the weekend and saw the struggle my mom was going through. He suggested we buy go shopping for the best rice cooker. We heeded his advice and we had the cooker in our kitchen the next day. Here how the cooker has changed the ways we used to view the whole process of cooking rice.

First things first, the rice cooker we have in our kitchen has in a myriad of ways revolutionized the way we used to do things in the kitchen. The kind of rice we have consistently continued to cook is incredible. Thanks to a number of features the cooker comes with, higher quality rice is what we always get. As if that is not even enough; through a number of diverse rice cooking settings, what we have been able to do is simply mind blowing. Whether we want to cook white rice or brown rice, any of the can be done with some much ease. Moreover, if we want to slow cook, we can also do that without any problem.

Overall, if you have always wanted to be a part of great rice, I suggest you go for a modern rice cooker in the market. We have had it in my kitchen and believe, I cannot really imagine how our lives would be if we dint have it. It is just the best.

Reference: Fronteracooking.com